We at Panash believes in
Customers Collaboration, Real Time Data, Enterprise Solution, A-rated User Experience Team Work, Innovative to The Core, Value 4 All, Element of Success
Ths means our concept of business revolves around our customers and what they desire. Panash is an Overall Expereince Delight for our customer where shopping is easy as well as informative. So Log On and Shop With Style.

 Panash "Vision"
Delivering change and inspiring all by trending and innovative user experience of solution-oriented shopping platform”

Panash "Mission"

We connect people to create a collaborative business environment by providing them a platform which is more   than a portal but a platform to provide solutions to all needs”


Panash "User Experience"

So why should one choose Panash

"Search For Your Self, Look Through What We Are Trying To Deliver And FInd The Answer"

For The First Time We Have Brought All The Features Neccessary For Decision Making At One Place

Competitive Prices
Product Comparisons
Detailed Descriptions
Detal Oriented Pictures
Product Videos
Expert Reviews
Live Unboxing
Many More

Hence making Panash, Pakistan's First User Expereince Based Online Shopping Arena.

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Based on wants of our customers, real need is to deliver information for the decision making. 
- We as Panash focus on the real time value data to provide customers with the right information for decision making. 

- We focus on solution-oriented program to deliver value to not only to buyers but to sellers as well. 

- We are targeting both ends of the market.  Panash is not a traditional 2016 platform where buyers buy and sellers sells. 

- We give the element of pure user experience with insightful data for the buyers for their targeted decision making and for sellers as ease to get high valued service in terms of business solution. 

- We believe in expertise to be shared and creativity to be delegated so that collaborative success becomes a positive trend.

- We analysed the current market trends so that we shouldn’t belong to the “me too” category where we are bombarding the website with the products and quoting prices customers have doubts on. 

- We want to change this pattern. Upload what’s sold, provide what’s asked for and deliver what’s promised.

Panash Helpline

For Our Customer Across Pakistan, Call Our Helpline # 9234-226666-70

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