About Panash

Panash Is More Than An Online Platform But A User Experience, Where We Aim At Providing Solutions To The Community. Panash Is A Platform Where All The Participants Have Equal Opportunity In Every Domain. Whether It Is About Commodities For Customers Or The Services For Young Rising Talents Of Our Youth. Based On Their Wants, Real Need Is To Deliver Information For The Decision Making. We At Panash Focus On The Real Time Value Data To Provide People With The Right Information For Decision Making. We Focus On The Solution Oriented Program To Deliver Value To Everyone. We Are Targeting Two Main Aspects Of The Market That Are Our Customers And Young Rising Talents Of Future Entrepreneurs.


About Panash Excellence !!

Panash Started Its Journey In Feb, 2018 And Now Within A Year, Is An International Brand In 5 Countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates And Pakistan) With 6 Divisions (Panash Pakistan, Panash International, Panash Boutique, Panash Live, Panash Design & Panash Excellence). Panash Excellence Is Offering Different Courses Related To Current Digital Marketing Dynamics Of Pakistan. We Not Only Teach Theoretical Concepts But Also Provide Live Training And Educate Our Students How Digital Marketing Is Done By Panash Pakistan. By Providing Firsthand Knowledge, We Are Able To Create And Train Entrepreneurs How To Run A Successful Business, As We Believe Learning Comes With Experience. After The Training We Also Provide Job Opportunities To Successful Candidates. 80% Of Employees Currently Working At Panash Pakistan Have Gone Through This Course And Now Are A Part Of Panash Pakistan.

Panash Excellence Is A Platform That Aims To Disseminate Practical Knowledge Along With Theoretical Information That Will Not Only Help Our Participants To Understand The Market Dynamics Better But It Will Also Assist Them In Exploring Solutions To Real Time Practical Problems Face During Jobs. Panash Excellence Takes Pride In Services We Provide To The Youth Community Who Wants To Grow Themselves Fast By Learning Experiences. This Is An Ideal Platform Where Participants Have The Chance To Gain Deep Insights Of Their Industry Via Experienced Individuals. Our Mentors Coming From Different Backgrounds And Industries Have Faced Challenges Of The Market, Economy, Industry And Communities That They Would Share With Our Participants Making Our Programs Quite Experience Oriented Rather That Just Theory Based.

We Offer You A More Realistic Marketing Techniques After Attending This Course The Participant Will Understand How To Develop An Integrated And Effective Digital Marketing Plan Which Incorporates The Introduction To Digital Marketing Within The Context You Will Gain A Fundamental Understanding Of The Core Of Digital Marketing With More Practicality Our Module Will Provide You An Understanding Of What Is Involved In Creating And Implementing On Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns.


Mission Statement

A.  Our Aim Is To Provide Quality Training Following Digitally Interactive Methods That Would Equip Our Participants To Excel Their Relevant Domains. 
B. Adding Excellence To Your Experience


Vision Statement

A. Grooming And Mentoring The Youth By Preparing Them To Face The Real Challenges - Exemplifying Practical Experience 
B.Empowering The Youth; Arming Them With Experiences, Knowledge & Live Set Skills To Bring About A Change In The Dynamics Of The Job Market
C. Providing Experienced Solutions To All  

  • High-Quality E-Learning
  • Expert Trainers
  • Guest Speaker Sessions
  • Live + Recorded Sessions
  • Interactive And Engaging Sessions
  • Business Function Integration
  • Paid Internship
  • More Than 80% Hiring Ratio
  • Advance Courses & Training Sessions
  • Practical Project & Demo Exercises

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  • Orientation
  • Motivation, Mission & Vision
  • Blend of Traditional & Digital Marketing
  • Why Digital Marketing?
  • Scope Of Digital Marketing
  • How To Use Digital Marketing?
  • Content Writing
  • Creatives
  • Website Conception
  • Social Media Marketing?
  • Sales
  • Shipping
  • After Sales Services
  • Facebook Ads
  • Increasing Your Exposure
  • Communications Skills
  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing Vs. Procurement Vs. Supply Chain Management
  • Market Research
  • Market Survey
  • Selection Of Vendors
  • Merchandise Selection
  • Vendor Assortment Skills
  • Selection Of Alternate/ Multiple Vendors
  • Vendor Management Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Inventory Budgeting & Planning
  • Know Your Audience
  • Writing Skills
  • Keywords
  • Effective Content
  • Importance Of Effective Content
  • Blogging
  • Feature Writing
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Content Writing Techniques
  • Content Writing Process
  • Web- Content Writing
  • What Is Photography
  • Camera Skills
  • Angle Management Skills
  • Market Analysis
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Frame Per Second
  • Videography
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Use Of Props
  • Basic Editing Skills
  • Post Processing Tools
  • What Is Website?
  • Importance Of Website
  • Types Of Website
  • Planning Of Website Conceptualization
  • Basic Theme
  • How To Make Your Website User-Friendly
  • Domain Extension
  • Web Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Designing Tool And Techniques
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Use Of Keywords
  • Effective Keywords Planning And Research
  • Keywords Planning
  • Adwords
  • Management Systems
  • Advance Excel Tools
  • Gsheets VS Excel
  • Vendor Management System
  • Sales Management System
  • Activities Management System
  • System Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Meta Data & Research Tools
  • Social Media Overview
  • Social Media Concepts
  • Brand Story Conceptualization
  • Your Objective/ Target
  • Analyzing Your Audience
  • Developing Audience Demographics
  • Big Picture Creation (Road-Map)
  • Identifying Channels Of Communication With Your Audience
  • Types Of Content For Social Media
  • Planning Effective Content For All Mediums
  • Scheduling Content Demonstration
  • Pre-Planning Of Content Strategy
  • Developing Content Marketing Plan
  • Optimizing Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Pay-To-Play
  • Engaging Content
  • Use Of Videos
  • Ways To Gather Catchy Topics For Postings
  • Idea Creation
  • Analyzing Effective Channel
  • Customer Retention
  • Defining Budget For Marketing
  • Developing Audience Demographics
  • Managing Alternate Plans
  • Creating An Ad Campaign On Facebook
  • Gaging Organic Likes
  • Gaging Engagement On Your Posts
  • Facebook Insights
  • Billing Methods
  • Re-Targeting
  • Twitter Ad Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Ad Campaign
  • YouTube Monetization
  • Display Advertisement
  • Banner Ads
  • Pop-Up Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Page Ads
  • Understanding Consumer Psyche
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Types Of Customers
  • Issues In Communicating With Customers
  • Sales Field Pitch
  • 3 Basic Rules Of Pre-Sales
  • 5 Rules Of During-Sales
  • 2 Rules Of Post-Sales
  • Writing An Effective And Engaging Statement
  • Test Conversation
  • What We Sell?
  • Examples
  • How Do We Sell?
  • Example
  • Emotion
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Shipping Issues
  • Tracking Orders
  • After Sales Services
  • Customer Retention
  • Feedbacks Handling
  • Complain Handling
  • Exchange And Return Policies
  • Vocabulary
  • Concept Of Urdu Language
  • Language Accent
  • News Anchoring - Current Affairs
  • Studio Reporting
  • Q/A Sessions
  • Interview Skills
  • News Anchoring Techniques
  • Sequence Interviews
  • Instructions On Earpiece
  • TV Presentations
  • Story Telling
  • Presentation Ethics
  • News Ethics
  • Anchoring - Entertainment & Sports

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Students & Participants

Our Trainers

Waleed Ahmed Saleem

Waleed Ahmed Saleem

Co-Founer & CEO, Panash Group

Initiator Of Panash Excellence, Practicing Digital Marketing For 7+ Years. Successfully Running Six Domains Of Panash Group (Panash Pakistan, Panash International, Panash Excellence, Panash Design, Panash Boutique, Panash Live) Simultaneously And Co- Chief Executive Officer Of Actoviz Pakistan. Done Masters In Marketing & Supply Chain From Institute Of Business Administration And Worked As A Head Of Corporate Affairs. Having Level Of Expertise In Revenue Generation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Animation, Moviemaking & Graphic Designing. He Believes It’s Better To Fail In The End Than To Quit In The Middle. Quitters Never Learn And Losers Have Experience For Success.

Hera Ahmed Nisar

Hera Ahmed Nisar

COO, Panash Group

Co-Founder Of Panash Group, MBA Degree Holder Of Marketing And Supply Chain From Institute Of Business Administration And ACCA Qualified She Has A Very Diversified Career Growth, Having A Hands-On Experience Of About 4+ Years In Versatile Domains. Worked As External Auditor With Ernst And Young Ford Rhodes, In Pakistan And Gulf States. Successfully Handling Panash Pakistan, International. Level Of Expertise In Client Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, Content Writing, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship & Financial Analyst. She Believes In "World Needs To Find Its Peace In Harmony, Success And Collaboration"

Haseeb Ashraf

Haseeb Ashraf

Excellence Manager

A Prosperous Speaker, Trainer, And Leadership Speaker. Working As A Manager In Panash Excellence And Inspiring People At Inspire360. Done Masters In Marketing From Bahria University And Certified Trainer From School Of Leadership. Having 6+ Years Of Consistence Learning And Developing In Diversified Experience As A Mentor, Media, Freelance Writer, Researcher, And Digital Marketing Solutions, He Believes Life Is Determined By This View Of The Cosmos And Feels One With The World!

Syeda Mariam Zafar

Syeda Mariam Zafar

Executive Manager

A Successful Speaker, Trainer And Motivator Possessing Marketing And Leadership Skills. Working As A Social Media Marketing Manager In Panash Pakistan And Executive Manager Of Panash Excellence. Worked As A Freelance Blogger And Writer For Many Clients, Currently Doing Bachelor’s In Business Administration From Iqra University. Possessing 3+ Years Of Level Of Expertise In Blog Writing, Social Media Marketing, Sales Generation, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention, Entrepreneurship & Startups. She Believes In "Life Is An Experience Journey Where We Are Faced With Ups And Downs, Only Thing That Matter Is Who Was Their To Lift You Up & Who Was Their To Comment On Your Failure"

Muhammad Iqbal Ahmed Siddiqui

Muhammad Iqbal Ahmed

Sales Manager

A Qualified Graduate From Karachi University Owning 3+ Years Of Experience In Sales And Procurement.  A Successful Trainer And Speaker, Enhancing His Skill Sets In The Field Of Sales And Procurement At Panash Pakistan And A Lead Trainer At Panash Excellence. Level Of Expertise In Customer Retention, Strategic Management, Vendor Management, Quality Control, Logistics, Sales Generation & Inventory Management. He Believes In The Virtue Of Honesty That Its Not Only The Best Policy But Its Also The Right Path For The Success Of Humanity.

Inzamam Sabir

Inzamam Sabir

Graphic Designer

Attained His Education In D.A.E In Mechanical Engineering But Then Drawn Towards Digital Marketing To Develop And Enhance His Skills Of Graphic Designing. Gaining 2+ Years’ Experience, He Was Previously Working With Sk Potentials As A Graphic Designer. Working As A Graphic Designer In Panash Pakistan, He Is Also Spreading The Art Of Creativity And Designing As A Trainer In Panash Excellence. Levels Of Expertise In, Graphic Designing, Inventory Management & Leadership. He Believes In Life Is A Chance Game, Where Sometimes We Are Played By Its Rules And Sometimes Its Played By Ours. Key Thing Is Always The Choice.

Zain Nisar

Zain Nisar

Content Writer

Possessing 2+ Years Of Experience He Is Enhancing His Skills As A Blogger, Web-Content Writer. Currently Working As A Content Writing Manager In Panash Pakistan. Having A Profound Knowledge Of Effective Communication, He Is A Successful Trainer And Speaker At Panash Excellence, Currently Doing His Bachelors From Karachi University. Level Of Expertise In Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Web-Content Writing, Blog Writing & Product Feature Writing. He Believes In The Magic Of Words That Are Powerful Enough To Inspire Someone But Are Also Destructive As They Can Just Destroy Someone.

Abdul Mateen

Abdul Mateen

Website Manager

Holding 2+ years of experience in HCI (human computer interaction) on different platforms he is a successful BSCS graduate from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University MAJU possessing 1+ years of experience in SEO, SEM currently serving his deeds in Panash Pakistan, Panash International and a successful trainer of Panash Excellence. Level of expertise in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Website Designing, Team Management, Social Media Marketing, Central Management System. He Believes In Smart Work As We All Try Hard To Live A Life But At The End We Are Played By It. So Relax And Let The Life Take Its Course.

Trainer Excellence

Lets Answer Some Common Yet Important Questions



Success Stories

First They Were Trained - And Now They Train



Our Work

What we've done for people

Offline Sessions

Learning Won't Be Repetitive Or Exhausting Any Longer With Intuitive On-Floor Sessions. Each Offline Class Are Structured In An Informative And Cooperative Way Alongside Practical Experiences.

Classes Are Encompassed By Developed Equipment And Employees Working Around Them To Give Them Review About Every Course They Are Learning. No Instructors, Teachers Or Speakers, We Believe In Spreading The Knowledge Of The People Who Are Practically Working In A Corporate Environment.

Online Sessions

WizIQ is equipped with a high-definition Virtual Classroom, a cloud-based Course Builder with unlimited course creation and content upload capacity, and the world’s first white-labeled (custom-branding enabled) mobile learning application for learners.

The App gives learners a complete sense of freedom. They can access their online courses, live classes, and learning content on the go. Now every moment is a learning moment. Time and place don’t matter.

Internship Program

It Is Difficult For Young Students To Start Their Career In Their Field Of Interest Without Having Profound Experience, It Become More Challenging For Them To Find Standard Jobs In Market. Panash Excellence Have Chosen To Give You The Open Door That Will Empower You To Pick Up Hands-On Understanding Of What You Gain With Us In Our Course Time Span.

The Internship Will Be Paid And In The Starting 2 Months Of The Internship Period You’ll Be Keenly Understanding The Functions And Procedures About The Working Department At This Position You Will Be Polished With Hands-On Understanding On The Ideas You Learned In Our Course. You Will Likewise Be Required To Make Techniques For Brand Development And Furthermore Execute The Procedures With The Assistance Of Your Administrator. Successful Job Will Be Offered To You After The Internship Period Completion.

Panash Has Created An Advance System Where You Get Trained Then Offered Internship And Then Job Making It The Most Complete System What Can Be Offered To Polish The Skillset Of An Individual. That Is Why Panash Prouldy Claims That Panash Has An 80% Sucess Ratio Of Cycle Completion..

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Flexible Working Hours Will Be Given To You, If You Are A Student And Pursuing Your Studies.
Working In Different Departments To Understand The Business Procedures In A Better Way.
You’ll Have To Report To Your Manager On Daily, Weekly And Monthly Basis.
You Must Have To Attend All Training Provided During Your Internship Period.
You Will Have To Complete The Targets Given To You By Your Managers In A Given Deadlines.


We Offer Various Workshops That Will Be Conducted By Mentors Who Come With Diverse Industry Experiences; They Will Not Only Share Their Success Stories But Will Also Provide Our Participants With Learning Of The Problems Encountered During Their Failure Phases And How They Managed To Emerge Later. Our Workshops Are Not Just Trainings But Are Interactive Sessions Giving Our Participants Chance To Raise And Clear Any Confusion They Are Facing. These Programs Are Designed Especially For Youths Who Are ‘Just Out’ In The Real Industry, Getting Them Acquainted To The Dos And Don’ts Of The Actual Industry Environment. In Our Workshops The Purpose Is To Promote Exchange Of Notions, Demonstrate And Apply Useful And Unique Marketing Techniques Along With Flow Of Ideas For The Benefit Of All. 

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Fees Structure

Choose A  Plan That Fits Your Comfort.
  • Courses
  • 12 to  15 Classes
  • 2 hours Each Duration
  • 20000 to 30000 Fees
  • 30% OFF Total Fees

    IF You Obtained 80% or Higher Marks In Your Last Exam

  • 2500+PKR


    per Class
  • Register Now
  • Workshops
  • 1 to 3  Days
  • 2 hours Each Duration
  • 2000 to 5000 Fees
  • 30% OFF Total Fees

    IF You Obtained 80% or Higher Marks In Your Last Exam

  • 1000+PKR


    per Workshop
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Digital Marketing & Pakistan

Many Businesses In Pakistan Make The Major Mistake Of Not Aiming On Digital Marketing. Pakistan Is Swiftly Entering The Global Phase In Terms Of Technology, Internet Is Used By Almost Everyone. By Tapping Into The Audience That Uses Smartphones, Social Media, And The Internet, Businesses Can Benefit In Various Ways. If Your Business Has Not Yet Developed A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy, It Is Time To Initiate Now.

As Far As Contents And Search Engine Optimization Tools Are Concerned, It Is Still The Most Effective Yet Beneficial Way To Get Indulge Into Your Audience For Increasing Your Business Exposure,  But With The Evolution Of Time New Techniques Are Now Been Generated To Market Your Product Or Services. By The End Of This Year, The Trend Of Using Social Media Marketing And The Use Of Online Networking Is Relied Upon To Rise Like Never Before In Pakistan, And Organizations Can Utilize This As A Chance. A Pattern On The Ascent Is Supported Showcasing – That Is, Supported Advertisements On Instagram, Facebook Likes And Promotions. Individuals Are Utilizing Online Networking Yet So Are Numerous Organizations, So To Pick Up An Edge And Guarantee Your Online Audience, Your Focused-On Groups, You Need To Use Paid Marketing Tool For This. We Are Encouraging You To Upgrade Your Efforts And Enhance Your Skills. Only Using Content And SEO Marketing Techniques You Need To Digitize Yourself To Compete With Dynamic Circumstances.

For More Details Visit Here

May, 19 Events & Trainings 

3th May, 19
2 Hours
11am To 1 pm
HDM Orientation
4th May, 19
2 Hours
12 pm To 2 pm
BD Workshop
10th May, 19
2 Hours
11pm To 1 Pm
FB Ads
11th May, 19
2 Hours
3 Pm To 5 Pm
HDM Orientation
13th May, 19
2 Hours
12pm To 2 Pm
CMS Design
14th May, 19
2 Hours
3 Pm To 5 Pm
PDP Training
18th May, 19
2 Hours
11am To 1 pm
SMM Workshop
18th May, 19
2 Hours
12 pm To 2 pm
HDM Orientation
31st May, 19
2 Hours
11pm To 1 Pm
FB Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Register For Events At Panash Excellence?

It’s A Simple Process, You Just Have To Fill The Form Given In The Website. Register Here.

Who Can Register For Events At Panash Excellence?

It Can Be Anyone From Students, Housewives, Freelancers, Professionals, Startup Entrepreneurs, Job- Seekers, Graphic Designers, Supply Chain Professionals, Sales Professionals, Marketing Professionals.

How Many Classes We Must Take?

Courses Will Be Covered In 12 to 15 Classes, For Learning Course In Detail You Must Take All 12 Classes. 

What Will Be The Duration Of Workshop?

Duration Of Each Workshop Will Be 2 Hours Each.

How Will The Courses Benefit Me?

You’ll Get An Internship Opportunity After The Completion Of The Course. These Internships Leads To Jobs
80% As Our Current Teams Were A Part Of Our Internship Program Once.

How Workshops Will Benefit Me?

Your Skillsets Are Enhanced  By Attending Our Workshops As We Teach With Exercises, Even You Can Sell Your Skills In The Form Of Services.

If I Miss The Class, Will I Be Able To Learn That Again?

You Can Take Class In Other Batch; Your Classes Will Not Be Missed This Way.

Who Will Train Us?

Each Trainer Is Expert In His Field Actively Involved In Different Modules Of Session, With Having 4 To 8+ Years Of Professional Experience.

What Is Required From Candidates?

Enthusiasm And Dedication Is Needed In Candidates To Gain Assistance From The Provided Trainings And Innovation. Only This Way It Will Benefit You.