Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all the products sold on Panash original and genuine?

    Panash came into existence to deliver what is 100 percent genuine and original. Panash has a unique system where we ensure that the price, description, and quality of the product is up to mark of our customers’ expectations. Sellers with low quality are blacklisted from Panash.

  2. In what types of product Panash deals in?

    Panash deals in new product which are 100% new and unused. We do deal in refurbished laptops and tablet PCs for which our business partners provide full warranty.

  3. Where can I report a fake product?

    Kindly email us at [email protected] and from their we will take the necessary actions.

  4. Are the prices negotiable at Panash?

    Prices at Panash are not negotiable as we have already worked on them and tried to deliver the right price to our customers.

  5. Does Panash deals in quality or quantity of products?

    We first work on the quality of the products and then try to provide to our variety to our customers so that the right product is available to the right customer.

  6. How is Panash different from other platforms?

    Panash works on a unique system where we work with the sellers. This allows us to provide the desired quality to our customers. We try to inspect all the products sold on Panash so that the customers can choose from quality provides. Working with the sellers allows us to create a system that helps them grow with us hence providing the best quality to our customers.

  7. How do I claim the warranty on my product?

    Warranty is provided by the sellers and they are responsible and liable to fulfill them. With the product, their details in the shipping package so that when the time comes customer can directly contact the sellers. All the warranty related issues are handled by sellers themselves.

  1. How do I buy on Panash?

    You simple have to create a new account. It takes only 2 minutes. Just add you name, email, address, number and you are ready to get best deals in town. Click on to create a new account.

  2. How can I track my order?

    Its our responsibility to provide you details of your order. From confirmation till the delivery of the product we remain in constant contact with our customers via email to provide them tracking details of their order.

  3. How much time will the delivery of my order take?

    If takes 2 to 5 working days in the delivery of items to the mentioned address. This is because of several reasons like unexpected delays from sellers, late delivery from courier side, location of the customer etc. We deliver all over Pakistan via trusted courier partners.

  4. What are the shipment charges?

    There charges are given by the logistic partners and such charges depends on the size, weight and location of order. Charges related to your order will be displaced when you are checking out.

  5. Can I cancel my order?

    Yes, you can cancel your order before the dispatching of item. You can inform us on [email protected] (24/7) or you can call us at +9234– 226666 – 70,71 (Mon to Sat, 10am to 8pm).

  6. Can I return or exchange my order?

    Yes, you can but under certain conditions. Visit terms and conditions for further details.

  7. I am unable to place an order?

    Either this is because the item is suddenly got sold out or the desired specs are not unable for the item. If still are facing such issues, email us at [email protected] (24/7) or you can call us at +9234– 226666 – 70,71 (Mon to Sat, 10am to 8pm)

  8. Why is my order delayed and what should I do?

    As we will be providing you details regarding the shipment of your order, even if you need more information, email us at [email protected] (24/7) or you can call us at +9234– 226666 – 70,71 (Mon to Sat, 10am to 8pm) .

  9. I haven’t received confirmation email of my order? What is the reason?

    Confirmation emails are send to the customers after the sellers confirms the orders and then the confirmation email along with the invoice is send to the customer. If still are facing such issues, email us at [email protected] (24/7) or you can call us at +9234– 226666 – 70,71 (Mon to Sat, 10am to 8pm)

  1. What are the payment option I have for my order to be processed early?

    We have several options for the payment of products at Panash. ATM Transfer, Bank Transfer, SimSim, Easypaisa, and COD are the several options given to our customers.

  2. Pre-payment is risky. What is the guarantee I have?

    Pre-payment is 100% safe and easy. Its done via trusted banks and payment partners so you can be rest assured your payment is safe with us.

  3. What is maximum limit of COD?

    Max limit of COD is depends on the item purchased. Prepayment plus COD amount is finalized after negotiation with the customer.

  4. How can I use coupons / vouchers? What are the conditions on coupons / vouchers?

    During the check-out you can add them to get the desired amount wave off. If the amount of the product is greater than coupon / voucher amount, you will have to pay for the difference via given payment solutions. If the product amount is less than coupon / voucher, you can use the remaining amount of coupon / voucher in next order. Keep shopping and keep smiling.

  5. Are the coupons / vouchers available for COD?

    When you use coupons / vouchers, the item is considered as paid item and you just need to provide your CNIC number during the receiving of product. During the time of receiving order you can’t provide coupon / voucher code to be used as equivalent to cash.

  6. Are their any hidden charges on Panash?

    We work on trust as this is what we have in the end. All the charges are visible on the website during the checkout stage of order.

  7. Is it safe to pay with credit / debit card?

    Yes, it is. We take all the necessary steps to ensure safety of clients’ information and money that is why we use trusted payment partners. We have latest Freud detection system to ensure that the trust of our customer remains strong.

  8. Can I place order from mobile as well?

    Yes, surely you can. You will have the same guarantee and surety you get on the desktop version.

  1. Who will delivery my product?

    Panash works with the trusted logistics partners for the timely delivery of product to our customers. Panash delivers all across Pakistan through its logistics partners TCS, Leopards, Blue Ex and Call Courier.

  2. How long will it take for the delivery of my order?

    Delivery of item depends on product, city and weather conditions. Usually it takes 2 to 5 days.

  3. Will I be able to change the shipping address after I have placed the order?

    Yes, you can but before the dispatching of item.

  4. If I got the wrong product / open package / tempered seal. What should I do?

    Its advised that you should refuse to accept the order. If you found that out later on after receiving the product you should contact us immediately.

  5. I wasn’t able to receive my order?

    Total of 3 times, logistics partner’s delivery person will contact you and if still you are unable to receive the product, Order will be cancelled.

  6. Will I get all the items in one delivery?

    This depends if the item you have purchased comes from one seller or not. If not, then multiple deliveries will be done.