At Panash we work on mutual trust because we are here for collaborative success and that is why Panash doesn’t just show you the way toward success we walk with you. 

Till now you have an idea of what Panash bring to the table and how Panash will help your business to a whole new level. Panash differentiates because Panash helps its clients with variety and services which are on the discretion of our clients to choose from.


We have wide range of customized services as per your needs, designed as per customers requirement and delivered as an innovation.

We make business partners instead having sellers because variety sometime may confuse the buyers and isn’t result oriented for sellers. So, we focus on collective development of Panash where there is a collective interest of both Panash and our business partners.

Be différent or Be classy or Be a trend setter, choose what you like



Becoming a Client / Seller / Supplier / Partner is as easy as it can get. We are just a miss call away.

Panash offers  your business grow in real time. When Meetings, Discussions, Suggesstions, Explanations combines with Expectations, Business Process Takes The Shape Of Business Expansion


Step 1: Registration

You will have to provide details about yourself, your business and products that would be offered by you. We will require more details later on.

Step 2: Verification & Selling

We will contact and verify your details. Once you get approved as a premiu member, you will provide us detials of your products and we will list your products in our platform.

Step 3: Shipment

Whenever and order is placed on our website. We will contact you and will provide you details. You can just package it  and either you can drop off the products to our courier partners offices or you can directly deliver us the product for shipment. 

Step 4: Payment

As soon as the order is delivered we process the payments. This means you dont have to wait for the courier company to process the payment. We will take care of it


So what are you waiting for Register Now & Be A Part of Panash Pakistan


Become A Premium Seller
Text Us, Call Us, or Visit us to know more about the Panash philosophy and how it will transform your business 

Panash - Style That Matters



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