About Us

Panash is one stop solutions for all where louable quality meet creative demostración. We do what is never été témoin before. Witness the Change. Witness the Class.

Panash takes online shopping to a whole new level where customers for the first time ask for what they love, cherish and desire. We at Panash go beyond the traditional online selling style and deliver what our customers are asking. We merge creativity with innovation at Panash and bring our user an experience that is totally different from what current trends are. This separates us from the competition. Panash is a platform for the masses where customers can choose from variety of excellence. We take online shopping to a level where it should have been.

At Panash you will find the excellence of quality with the innovative designing so that whether your requirement is of commendable styling kurta or an appreciated home décor, from classy casual wear to innovative tech produit, from fashionable accessories to desi bhangra style et modePanash delivers it all.

Panash is a user experience where we have solutions for the community where all the participants have equal opportunity. Panash is different than other platforms because here we don’t focus on what to sell but how to differentiate what is being sold. Be it price, be it pictures, be it videos, we merge creativity with e-commerce hence creating something which is different and unique.


Our products are carefully designed as per requirements of our members. Focusing on the demands of our customers, we focus on designing of products instead of uploading. Panash presents audience with quality products and best brands which the customers have always asked for.

We provide assorted products which are personalized as per the requirements. From fashion to home décor to tech to class product, at Panash you will find value to value products. We focus not just on fast delivery, product assortment, and fast returns, we also focus on details of products and price so that our customers can feel the difference and can say it proudly, “We found the right product, at right price, with the right details and at the right platform”.



We focus on vendor development so that their ventures can become business.  Differentiation is all that matters today and that is why Panash is here today. Join us and be a part of Panash and increase the potential of business to a whole new level. We at Panash are customer our self and that’s why we try to deliver what we expect for our self.

We at Panash create style and our aim is to make Panash your first and last choice.

Panash Style That Matters